Monday, April 14, 2014


Annie Metallic Cami Dress c/o TFNC LONDON

In the battle of black versus white, which staple would you choose? Though both are essentials in any person's closet, there's been an evident inclination to the whiter side in today's fashion scene. White suits, white dresses, white shoes...white everything! I myself am guilty of adhering to the trend. Not so much because it's trending, but more of my natural love for the clean and crisp image that white gives off. It's a younger and fresher alternative to black, don't you think? 

For today's look, I brought my white outfit up a notch with a shimmer. Do you see it? It's quite subtle, but my skirt is flirtatiously shining with the sunlight! In cases like this, when you're wearing neutrals and simple silhouettes, playing with textures is a useful trick to make your look more special. That's exactly what this ANNIE METALLIC DRESS from Tfnc London does. Do check out TFNC LONDON, which is best known for their gorgeous party dresses and love for all things that glitter! 

Additionally, I do love how this shoot turned out! I'm still enjoying the effect of white, beige and silver juxtaposed against the beautiful magenta tones of the flowers in the background. Everything came together to give a sophisticated spring-inspired set of photos. 

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Photos by Irvinne Redor

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Turning Red

AMISCO Sandals
Necklace c/o LI'S CLOSET

It may not be Valentines..
It's not anywhere near Christmas or New Year...
Nope, it's not my birthday either....but in my book, you don't need a special occasion to don your festive reds. No matter how simple your outfit is, wearing red will always be a statement. Here's my latest take on the bold hue with another jumpsuit from IN LOVE WITH FASHION. Sorry for the jumpsuit craze lately. It just seems that summer would be the perfect time for it. They give that chic and tailored finish without compromising your comfort. It's totally wearable for this season! So why not try it in a variety of styles and colors? In Love with Fashion would be a great place to look around.

I decided to go all out red on this one. So I paired my bold red suit with equally bold red lips. Some people would frown against that, but I don't mind! I do admit that my skin looks slightly paler when I carry this look though. What do you think about red on red? Would you wear it too? I'd love to know, so don't forget to leave a comment!

Have an awesome week everyone!

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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Photo Diary: Canyon Cove

Today's blog post is going to run in a slightly different direction. No actual outfit posts today, just a compilation of some photos I took from my latest out-of-town trip. Around a week ago, my friends from medical school and I went on a short trip to Canyon Woods and Canyon Cove, Batangas. We didn't stay long, but we got our much needed R&R, plus a lot of fun moments to take home. Vacation is like a holy grail for us med students. We almost didn't have one this year, but with a dash of luck, we were given a month off before enduring junior internship. Hopefully we'll have a few more plans in store this month to make the most out of our short summer vacation.

The Philippines is full of scenic places! So when you stumble upon one of them, it would be a good idea to have some sort of documentation. This photo diary is more or less a summary of my trip. It'll have photos of my friends as well, so you could get to know them too! I hope you enjoy these photos and see the story behind this short adventure! 

Welcome to Canyon Cove! In this weather, a pool like this is a almost a glimpse of heaven. This isn't even half of the the whole pool yet...and it's ours for the taking! On the other side is a gorgeous beach with a lovely horizon to look at. Talk about soaking our examination woes away. Mind you, it works!

Ellaine, having a moment
Hello Belle and Myka
Mac and Wil strike a pose! 
And they have a playground too! Gino and Myka being a bunch of kids on the swing

So meet some of my friends...perhaps your future doctors? Unfortunately I don't have a lot of photos, and my friend Wil has more group shots! Noted. For my next photo diary, I must take better pictures of people!

Gillian, Belle, and Ellaine by the bay
The girls :)

Sand, slippers and sunnies! Not a bad alternative to the usual heels, dresses, and makeup
Sand in my feet!

While I can't deny my love for dressing up, there's something so carefree and de-stressing about the sand, sea, and breeze of the beach...Not such a bad alternative to the busy urban lifestyle.

Hitting the waters for the last time before the sun sets. Finally a photo with Coy and Gab!

...And there it is. No skills needed to capture this glorious scene.

Thanks for reading my Batangas photo diary! I hope you had a glimpse of my Canyon Cove experience through this post, and I hope you'll have the chance to visit yourself someday :) 

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Have a blastin' week ahead everybody!

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